Homeowners Insurance Guide to Storm Damage


Hail Damage

Hail can damage shingles, siding, or gutters without any visible signs from the ground. Hail normally has to be at least golf ball size before it will cause damage to your shingle and cause bruising.

Hail driven by high winds or if it hails for more than a few minutes, your roof will suffer from loss of protective granules. This will greatly reduce the life of your roof. Siding, gutters and fascia can be dented by hail. Frequently this damage is difficult to see until the light is right.

Have the exterior of your home inspected to be safe.

Ways Shingles Can Be Damaged


    Loss of granule layer on the shingle will cause the organic-based center of the shingle to be exposed to the sun's UV rays. This will cause serious deterioration of the shingle in a short period. Furthermore, hail can actually puncture or seriously damage your roof.


    Over 50 miles per hour can lift the shingle and cause seals to break, never to be resealed. The unsealed shingles will then flap in the breeze and soon snap off.


    Improper or inadequate ventilation in your attic will cause the shingles to scorch and bubble up causing a serious problem.

An inspection by a trained technician can verify the extent of the damages and outline the means to get them repaired.

 Let us help make your storm damage claim less intimidating and insure you receive the best results.

If You Think Your Property Is Damaged

  • Call CDM Roofing for assistance.
      One of our specialists will meet with you to assess your property.
  • If damage is found.
      We will inform you to call your insurance company.
  • Provide initial assessment estimate.
      We will provide you and your insurance company with an initial assessment and estimate of the damages.
  • Getting through the process.
      We will work with you to assure a clear understanding of the process and receive a fair claim settlement.

How Insurance Companies Pay Claims

You should receive the first check about a week after the adjuster has estimated your damage. This check represents the actual cost to repair or replace the damaged property, less depreciation and your deductible. The age and condition of the property is taken into account when calculating depreciation. The depreciation amount will be paid when work is completed and an invoice is sent to the insurance company.

Mortgage Companies

If you are carrying a mortgage on your home, the first check you receive from your insurance company should be made out to you and your mortgage company. The check along with required documents of your mortgage company must be satisfied to clear your check. We assist you with this process, or if desired, complete it for you.

Why Choose Us?

All of our staff is specially trained with storm damage claims and will provide you with the best representation possible.

The Roofing Process

We strip off the old shingles and check for any bad decking or chimney flashing. We apply felt, ice and water shield (if code), re-roof to code.
  • Please keep in mind that this is a major construction project.
  • Shingles, particularly second layers, come off in pieces.
Expect a bit of a mess no matter what contractor does the work. Be sure the items on the interior of your home that react to vibration during the installation process are secure.
  • We will clean up and haul away trash including picking up nails with a magnet.
In most cases, reroofing can take one to two (1-2) days to complete.






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